Buy your own barrel of Whisky

Costs include ownership of the cask and spirit.
Up to ten years free storage and £100 per year thereafter.
Up to 2 days working with us at the distillery helping to distil your spirit and taking lots of photos etc.
Depending on stock levels we may offer to buy back some or all of your cask giving you a great return should you wish.

"You can design, distil and sell your own branded whisky!"

Should you wish to sell some or all of your barrel once matured we will advise you on the best places to sell at good prices.
You will be able to create your own label to make your whisky even more rare (subject to conditions)
You will be invited to come along to the bottling and help also.
Barrels normally loose approx. 1 - 2% due to the angels share (evaporation)

"The perfect investment opportunity"

Duty will need to be paid in full prior to removal from bonded warehouse at the appropriate rate at the time.
Bottling and labelling should be approx. £750 per cask.
Payment can be made by debit/credit card.
All prices quoted are ex works.

Casks Available

200 litre American Bourbon cask £4650.00 + vat
225 litre Bordeaux red wine cask £4950.00 + vat
250 litre Oloroso Spanish Sherry cask £5950.00 + vat
225 litre ruby Port Portuguese cask £5250.00 + vat
225 litre Madeira cask £5250.00 + vat

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Our first whisky barrel investors

Congratulations to Mark, Mark and David who spent a great day with us today along with their lovely wives at the distillery. They helped us to distill their very own 225 litre barrel and then filled their own Tawny port cask which will now sleep in the distillery until they wish to bottle.

For more info  on barrel purchases contact

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