Distillery News

08 May 2017

Cognac Distiller & Original Owner of Still, Miguel Joins Dartmoor Whisky For Rare Collaborative Distillation

Miguel is from the Cognac region of France and believe it or not, he is a very big piece of the jigsaw puzzle here at Dartmoor Whisky Distillery. In the initial stages, Greg spent months trying to source the perfect still for Dartmoor Whisky Distillery. In his research, he came across a beautiful copper still in Cognac which hadn't been used since 1994. Two years ago, Greg went down to visit the owner to see the still and see if it deemed fit for purpose. On his arrival, he was greeted by an extremely kind, experienced and knowledgeable man who later became a very good friend. That friend is Miguel. 

Miguel's family have been distilling Cognac for the likes of Remy Martin and Hennessey for three generations. The copper still was commissioned by his Grandfather in 1966 and after spending a week together distilling on the still and learning its intricacies, it was agreed that this was to be the still for Devon's first whisky distillery. 

Last month we had Miguel and his family come to stay with us here in Devon. From the black, dirty-looking still that Miguel passed over to the shiny, refurbished still now set up in a town hall in Devon, Miguel and his wife were astonished to see their heirloom Cognac still brought back to life, producing whisky for the very first time. The legacy of Miguel's distilling family continues, and never would they have dreamed it be in a whisky distillery in Devon.

During his stay, Miguel spent valuable time distilling with Greg & Simon, giving detailed and intricate tips that only one who has worked with the still for decades would know. Miguel was very impressed with our finished spirit; even at this early stage he commented on how sweet and balanced it is. We are very lucky to have this relationship and have Miguel's experience to draw upon and no doubt our finished whisky will reflect this.

This very special Limited Edition distillation which was carried out by Miguel, previous owner of the still and reputable Cognac producer, will be available to reserve on our website soon. Sign up to our mailing list to be notified when it is available. 

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