Thursday, 25 August 2016 15:08

Our Cognac Still Is Installed


The first part of our impressive copper cognac still has finally been installed! It's so great to see the central part of the whisky still to be put into place; it's all started to feel very real now!

The copper cognac still's components have each been glass-blasted and lacquered to bring them up shiny and new again.




Once done, the next mission was getting the still into the distillery itself! This was quite the task and just squeezed in through the side door with a couple of centimeters to spare!




They sat stationary in the distillery for a good few weeks whilst we renovated the building around it. As you can imagine, they had layers and layers of thick dust on them, it was a constant job to dust them up and keep them looking shiny. However, everybody who has visited, despite their dusty coat, were amazed at their beauty. 




 We worked with our good friend and professional builder Steve Brealey to design and lay the brickwork to hold the still. Safe to say in all of his years of bricklaying, he's never done something like this before! Thanks for all of your hard work, Steve! 






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