Distillation Courses

We will be hosting just four distillation courses each year, for ten people on each course.

Starting at The Edgemoor Hotel, just a mile from our Distillery, we will take you to see the barley fields where the process starts. From there we will visit Tuckers Maltings to see the malting process, before enjoying lunch at one of Dartmoors hostelries.  After lunch we will continue on to the brewery to see where the malted barley is turned into ‘beer wash’. Day one will conclude at The Distillery for a pre dinner whisky or two, and an introduction to Dartmoor Whisky Distillery.

After a hearty dinner, and good nights sleep, day two will commence at The Distillery, where you will see the still being charged, and the process of primary distillation taking place. The morning will continue by you each experimenting with your own  still to produce ‘low wines’. After lunch you will conduct your second distillation to produce your finished spirit. Here you will experience first hand the meaning of ‘heads, hearts, and tails’, and the importance of cutting your spirit at the right time.

Day three will conclude the course by you seeing the second distillation producing the finished spirit ready for maturation in the barrels. After lunch you will depart, taking with you the spirit you produced, and your distillers apron, and course certificate.

The course fee is all inclusive meals & accommodation for £995.

With such limited numbers please register your interest early to secure your place on the first of our distillation courses.

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