Slow Food is a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to the community and the environment.

It was founded in 1989 in Italy. Although not an official term (yet!), we are focusing on the concept of ‘slow whisky’ all throughout October, showcasing how we are producing single malt whisky with our local community and environment in mind.

September well and truly swept us off our feet, so we’re also encouraging you to take things a little slower this month. Just like the slow maturation of our whisky, use this month to pour yourself a dram, read a book and relax as you watch the blustery winds outside your window.

Slow Whisky

We work with a local Dartmoor farmer to grow our barley, Tim Cox. Tim knows his stretch of land like the back of his hand; he is connected to the place, and his family have been farming the fields for decades. We are delighted to be working with him and he is proud to be producing high-quality malting barley which makes Devon’s single malt whisky.

We also partner with Dartmoor Brewery in Princetown to make our beer wash. The malted barley is brewed for hours before it becomes ‘beer wash’ – the sweet, heady liquid that we will distil to make whisky.

Next, we drive up to Princetown in our distillery van, with our two distillery dogs barking the whole way, to collect the beer wash, driving it no hurry across the beautiful moorland as we take in the sweeping views. We bring the beer wash back to Bovey Tracey, where the distillery is located. The still is then charged with the beer wash where it is slowly brought up to temperature for the first distillation.

There are three distillations before our smooth Dartmoor spirit is ready to cask. The very nature of whisky is slow, as spirit must be in the cask for three years and a day before it can legally be called whisky. Patience is a virtue as a whisky distiller, for you will only know the true fruits of your labour in years to come, not months or days.


Our distillery is at the heart of our local community. Despite only opening our doors in 2018, our building is a place to gather, share ideas and inspire.

During the build phase of the project, we were helped by members of the community to help lay the floor under where the still would be positioned. It was a wonderful day and one which we will cherish forever.

Our small scale whisky production supports local businesses, farmers and producers, whilst breathing life into a tired old town hall building in our local town, providing a space for our community to share, connect and socialise.

We are creating something that our community is proud of, and we are so pleased we can bring them that joy.

Slow Drinking

Slow drinking is about choosing products that have been produced thoughtfully, and after pouring it in your glass, taking time to think, taste and savour it. You never know, you might experience it that much more that you might end up drinking less of it. If you have less, you can afford to buy better: better quality, more interesting, more sustainable, and so on.

Whether it’s drinking whisky with some mature cheese, relaxing by the fire, or walking the dogs around the garden, make sure to make it slow.